About Us

Noor Enzymes is a company in the field of Industrial Biotechnology. It is perhaps the biggest industry catering to clients worldwide through eco-friendly solutions. Moreover in todays urban world run by demand for Fossil fuels and strong dependence on Information Technology there are only a limited number of companies worldwide who seek to specialize in 21st century Biotechnology of Enzymes. We strive to emerge as a global supplier of these eco-friendly solutions at economical costs to the processing industries who are eventually the end users of these products.

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Our Mission

Enzymes are being increasingly used as biocatalysts in various Industries where they are replacing conventional chemical processing aids. Though enzymes have been in use for a wide range of Industrial processes for the past five decades, the possibilities of current and future innovation are countless. Emerging technologies in Biotechnology are bringing a paradigm upward shift in our knowledge about these eco-friendly solutions every day, hence there is always a need to work on these discoveries and commercialize them in the shortest possible time frame to deliver the benefits of the technology ......

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Our Vision

We travel around the world today but barely realize how small the world has become. Technology has enabled sustainable growth of cities and industries worldwide and continues to drive the growth of our ever increasing urban and rural population. International trade and commerce has allowed us to share our surplus resources, wealth and knowledge. This is nothing but active participation in collaborative pursuit of mutual goals. We envision to be an active partner in this pursuit with our humble offerings to the global economy hoping to make a difference. To contribute to the development ......

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